Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CCT Credit Co-op Receives CDA Award

Marilyn Martin, CCT Credit Cooperative area servant leader for NCR-South,
representing Mike Salili, operations head,  receives a certificate from the
Cooperative Development Authority - Manila Extension Office
recognizing the CCT Credit Cooperative as
 "an effective and efficient business enterprise in terms of total assets."
The CCT Credit Cooperative was recently recognized as one of the  top 50 cooperatives out of more than 2000 cooperatives in the national capital region.  The event was attended by members of cooperatives from several sectors of Philippine society, including men in the armed forces, market vendors, seafarers, TV station employees, and micro entrepreneurs.

Salvador Valeroso, acting regional director of the CDA-MEO explains the significance of
holding the awarding event on December 21: "The first consumer
 cooperative store was opened on December 21, 1844 in Rochdale, Lancashire, England."
The members were workers in the cotton textile industry; the store sold small amounts of
flour, butter, sugar, and oatmeal.   
Hon. Emmanuel M. Santiaguel, PhD., in his keynote speech said, "It's about time
that we increase our membership.  It's about time that we implement performance audits,
social audits, and financial audits." Dr. Santiaguel is CDA chairman. 
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