Friday, May 18, 2012

Report Consolidation Training for ASLs Held

(Facing camera, left to right) Jane Grio, Laguna ASL; Ruthie Monterde, NCR North District 1 ASL;
 Philip Agot, Rizal District 3 ASL; Joan Tenzo, Rizal District 1 ASL (partially hidden);
 Ronnie Furio, CAMANAVA ASL (with back to camera).

Luzon area servant leaders (ASLs) working in the microfinance program of the Center for Community Transformation recently received training on how to consolidate reports from the branches they oversee. 

The trainers were Mark Hammill Rulona, CCT Credit Cooperative general accountant, and Crispin Manabat, MIS senior officer. 

Mark walked the ASLs through the use of the revised trial balance consolidation template while Crispin did the same for MIS reporting.  

In the CCT organizational structure, an area servant leader is the equivalent of an area manager in other microfinance institutions.  Each ASL oversees four or five branches  with a total of 120 to 160 fellowships or groups . Most  fellowships have an average of 20 active members or loan recipients, also referred to as community partners in CCT lingo.  

Reports from the areas on loan collections, savings build up,  insurance,  service fees, and other daily collections are consolidated and reported to the support office at the end of each month.  Malou Hipolito, MIS officer, said this training will improve the speed and efficiency of financial reporting in the program. "This is also in preparation for a web-based reporting system currently being tested and that will soon be put in place," Malou added. 

Crispin Manabat, MIS senior officer

Hermie Salvador, ASL for NCR South District 2
Left to right: Joseph Karunungan, Cavite District 2
ASL; Analyn Cantabaco, Cavite District 1 ASL;
Ginna Prejoles, NCR South District 1 ASL.
Photos by  Ciara  Tan

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