Friday, June 8, 2012

New Products for Loyal CCT Partners Announced

The new identification card and passbook for the exclusive use of loyal community partners.

The Center for Community Transformation Savings and Credit Cooperative recently announced a new set of products and  privileges exclusively for community partners who have been active members of the cooperative for five years or more. These products and privileges are:

  • Emergency loan of P5,000 - P30,000 for hospitalization of immediate family members
  • Study Now Pay Now E-loan of P2,000 to P20,000 for tuition of immediate family members
  • Enterprise financing for immediate additional funding for business
  • 50% discount on service charge for growth enterprise loans
  • 50% discount on service charge for regular business loans
Loyal partners will be distinguished by their use of a new gold-colored identification card and passbook, the first set of which they will receive for free. 

Ruth Callanta, CCT president and general manager of the CCT Credit Cooperative said these products and privileges are given in appreciation of the community partners' faithful patronage of CCT programs and services.

In the world of microfinance, recipients of microfinance loans are referred to generally as borrowers or clients.  At CCT they are referred to as community partners. 

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