Friday, September 28, 2012

Fil-Am Teen Volunteers at CCT

A young Filipino-American girl recently spent part of her summer vacation in the Philippines doing volunteer work for CCT. Here are her reflections on what she says was time well spent:

 Dear  CCT staff, students and teachers,
            My name is Taryn and I am visiting from the States. This summer I decided to volunteer at CCT to help some kids who need financial support to have a good education. Growing up in the U.S., I have learned that there are many people in the world that need our help. But it was not until I came to the Philippines when I discovered first-hand what the lives of these people are like. I always thought that hundreds of other people would help the poor and that would be sufficient. Now I realize that there are organizations such as CCT which many people do not know about that genuinely seek support to better the lives of children living in poor communities. It is only with your help that CCT will be able to aid those in need. I have learned that one should not rely on another in a case where other’s lives are involved. You should take charge and help in every way possible!
During my time with CCT I  distributed food to the poor, visited a community center in Manila, went to fellowship meetings, visited a school founded by CCT, and met many wonderful people. Distributing food made me  aware of the poverty of the street dwellers live with.
Visiting a CCT community center, I saw how the organization offered certain facilities such as a tailoring room, a printing room, a weaving room, and a water station. All of which are fully equipped with the necessary tools and instruments. These facilities help promote the street dwellers to either make items and sell them or perform certain services for a price. Thus, they can have a steady income.
On my third day, I went to two fellowship meetings. I was able to participate in a few of their songs and gain valuable insight on the mindset and thoughts of the fellowship members. The members welcomed me into their homes like we were old friends which made me very comfortable. They continued to discuss about how to be salt in the community and came up with many great ideas. Near the end, they all agreed to spread the word of God and introduce CCT to their neighbors and friends.
 Yesterday, I visited the school  in Magdalena, Laguna about two hours from Manila by car. I was taken in by many admirable teachers who shared personal accounts of their lives teaching and guiding the students. All the elementary school students attending came from the streets where many of them did not get the shelter, food, and love that they needed.
There are also many older kids attending the high school course. Once past a certain academic level, they are able to choose between four in-depth courses that the school offers: masonry, electrical, carpentry, and plumbing. After graduating, they will find jobs pertaining to their course.
While I was there, I was able to sit in on a science class with students ranging from 14-18 years old. They were all very friendly and seemed excited to see me, which made my day J In their science class, they were learning about vitamins and minerals; Useful everyday information that even I haven’t gone over in school. I really wanted to stay longer and I’m sure to come back in the future.
Last but not least, I worked in the CCT office where I updated spreadsheets, did a bit of paper work and more. Before coming to volunteer, I always thought that the course of action in all community service organizations was very simple. I never gave a thought of how many people were needed and how extensive the process was. I was able to really understand all the thought and work behind an organization such as CCT. The hard working and enjoyable people here make a great difference in society. It was Ate Keren, Ate Michelle, and Ate Tin who have inspired me to give more of myself to the community. They have shown me the behind-the-scenes part of CCT and I have personally experienced the effects. All in all, I have learned that one person’s decisions can lead to a great difference and that everyone in the world deserves a fair and equal chance at life.


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