Friday, May 3, 2013

New CCT Community Center and Tech-Voc Campus to Rise Soon

Officers and trustees of  Wilcon Foundation, Center for Community Transformation - Training and
 Development Institute CCT-TDI), and AMG Skilled Hands Technological College (ASHTEC)
symbolically break ground at the location of a new building where technical-vocational education, 
pre-school education,  micro-finance, and basic health services  will be offered to the people of 
Rodriguez, Rizal . Left to right: Ramonchito Kung, Wilcon executive security manager; Grace
Aquino Tiong, Wilcon AVP for human resources; Ruel Godino, Wilcon AVP for logistics; 
Mark Belo, Wilcon City Center director; Elizabeth Venegas, CCT-TDI executive director; 
Francisco Pascual Jr., ASHTEC president; Quintin Tan, TDI chairman; Emilio Obispo, 
Wilcon Foundation coordinator; Engr. Jose Gamorot, Wilcon Engineering Dept. head. 

The Center for Community Transformation and AMG Skilled Hands Technological College (ASHTEC) have joined hands with Wilcon Foundation for the establishment of a new community center and technical - vocational campus in Rodriguez, Rizal.

The collaboration stems from a commitment of William Belo, Wilcon Builder's Depot president and CEO, to assist members of the community around the Wilcon Builder's Depot in Rodriguez. "Mr. Belo has always helped young people receive education.  During Wilcon's early years, he would provide tuition for college-age children of employees out of his own pocket," said Emil Obispo, coordinator for the Wilcon Foundation.  "With this partnership with CCT and AMG, we are offering the same kind of help more formally."

 After a visit to the CCT Training and Development Institute in Magdalena, Laguna (where the teaching staff are from ASHTEC), Mr. Belo expressed a wish for a similar school in Rodriguez.  He then allocated a 3,000 square meter lot within the Wilcon warehousing facilities in Rodriguez to be used as a new campus, and plans were started for a new building.  He also agreed to a recommendation that the building do double duty as a community center where other services for the poor (such as micro finance, free pre-school, basic health services, and provision of affordable drinking water) can be offered by CCT.    

Construction of the building is set to start on May 6 and is expected to be completed within a period of six months. 

Mark Andrew Belo watches as a time
capsule containing architectural plans
of the new building and
campus is lowered into
the ground.
Anji Gabriel, CCT-TDI trustee,
 opens the
thanksgiving service with
a prayer.
Emilio Obispo, Wilcon Foundation coordinator,
welcomes stakeholders and guests.

Pastor Jun Gonzaga, CCT-TDI senior pastor,
shares a short message on vision
and Jesus' compassion based on
Proverbs 29:18 and Matthew 9:35 and ff.

Mark Belo of Wilcon Builder's Depot: 
"With this school we hope to contribute to 
alleviating the jobs-skills
mismatch in the country
and to the alleviation of poverty."
Professor Quintin Tan, CCT-TDI chairperson, says,
"It is thrilling to see young people without skills learn 
[new skills at TDI] and
become supportive of their families."

Fransisco Pascual Jr., president of AMG Skilled Hands
 Technological College, states AMG's
commitment to provide underprivileged young people
with relevant skills training. 

Willyboy Torres gratefully speaks of life changes he underwent
while studying at CCT-TDI in Magdalena, Laguna.

Beth Venegas, CCT-TDI executive director explains how the
Wilcon, CCT, and AMG collaboration came about. 

Beth Venegas, Mark Belo, and Dr. Melba Maggay, CCT-TDI trustee.
Staff of AMG Skilled Hands Technological College (in blue uniforms)
 with Beth Venegas, Mark Belo, and Jun Pascual.

Left to right: Beth Venegas, Mark Belo, TDI Trustee Gloria Ison,
Dr. Melba Maggay, Anji Gabriel, Jun Pascual, and
Professor Quintin Tan. 

Officers and staff of Visions of Hope Christian School, CCT
Savings and Credit Cooperative, TDI and Wilcon Foundation, with
Megaconstruct Group Inc, the building contractor. 

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  1. God be praised for this project in helping the poor community of Rizal.