Tuesday, June 25, 2013

CCT Cooperative Members Hold General Assemblies

Members of the Center for Community Transformation Savings and Credit Cooperative have been attending general assemblies in their respective areas since May. The highlights of these assemblies are the president's report giving updates on the programs and services of CCT, the treasurer's report stating CCT's financial performance in 2012, and recognition of loyal community partners.  The assemblies are expected to be held until August.  In 2012 the CCT Co-op had a total outreach of 147,000 in 145 branches nationwide.

Pictures below are from the general assemblies of the National Capital Region 1 and Negros areas.
Dennis Monong, general manager of the CCT Savings and Credit Cooperative, delivers the president's report
on behalf of Ruth Callanta, CCT president and founder.

Mark Rullona, CCT Co-op general accountant
discusses the cooperative treasurer's report. 
A replica of a cheque showing P22,670,000 in patronage refunds and interest on shares is
symbolically turned over to CCT Co-op members.

Janice Ondrade, team servant at CCT's Araneta branch leads community volunteer development council
officers and Araneta staff in singing You Are My All in All.

Mardy Cabalo expresses gratitude to God for having been
named Thurman Awardee for 2013.  For full story, please visit:

Loyal cooperative members from Quezon City, recognized for membership with the CCT Co-op for
 five years or more, pause for a picture with their certificates of appreciation and with CCT staff. 
Children and grandchildren of co-op members from the Munoz, Quezon
City branch do a dance interpretation of 
Lead Me Lord. 
CCT Co-op members and staff in Negros hold a replica of a cheque representing patronage refunds 
and interest on shares to be distributed among co-op members nationwide. 
Photos: Michelle Taway 

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