Monday, October 7, 2013

14 Couples Married in CCT Negros Mass Wedding

Fourteen couples were recently married in a mass wedding organized by staff of CCT Negros.  Of the 14, five are recipients (referred to as community partners) of CCT micro finance assistance, while the rest are children or relatives of community partners. 

Amie Balboa of  CCT Negros said the decision of the community partners to become legally married after years of being common-law husbands and wives  is an indication of spiritual growth and a desire to please God by living according to His will.   

Except for one, all of the couples had been living together for several years without the benefit of marriage.  The oldest couple had been living together for nine years and already had three children. 

The wedding ceremony was officiated by Pastor Rene Bajalan.  CCT Negros has organized and held a mass wedding once a year since 2003.   

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