Friday, November 21, 2014

Int'l Development Workers Trained on Discipleship, Governance

"I appreciate learning what a truly Christ-centered organization looks like from the top to the bottom," said a satisfied participant in the recently-concluded third Transformative Economic Empowerment (TEE) training conference, an annual gathering organized by the Center for Community Transformation (CCT) and the CCT Ka-Partner Network (CCT KN). "I learned that discipleship is about relationship and needs to be a core part of organizational culture," said another.

This year's TEE had the theme "Thy Kingdom Come" from the Lord's Prayer and brought together microfinance workers and volunteers from 12 countries. 
In her welcome message, Ruth Callanta, president and founder of CCT said, "I praise the Lord for the opportunity to share stories, experiences, and lessons CCT and its people have learned over the years of ministering among the poorest of the poor. It is my prayer that our week together will truly equip and encourage everyone so that when we go from here we will shine as exceedingly bright lights in the dark corners of the world where God appointed us to minister." Attendees were from Burundi, Cameroon, India, Korea, Malawi, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, and Zambia.

Participants spent about half of the week-long conference on exposure trips and half attending courses on either discipleship or organizational governance.  The exposure trips, meant to give attendees an understanding and appreciation of the scope of CCT work and what God has done in establishing these ministries, involved visits to a microfinance branch, three community centers, a residential school, a feeding activity, a savings group, and a factory.

The plenary sessions, break out group sessions and panel discussions on discipleship and organizational governance involved the following speakers and facilitators:

  • Matthew Rohrs, Hope International director of spiritual integration 
  • Todd Engelsen, PEER Servants president 
  • Jesse Ratichek, Hope International technical assistance manager 
  • Malu Garcia, Hope International savings circle program specialist 
  • Larry Roadman, chairman 
  • Tammy Wang, chief operating officer 
  • James Tioco, Sowers of the Word Ministries executive director 
  • Elizabeth Venegas, CCT Training and Development Institute executive director 
  • Bertram Lim, CCT Inc. board chairman 
  • Ronald Chua, CCT Credit Cooperative board chairman 
  • Ruth Callanta, CCT Group of Ministries founder and president 
  • Joey Bonifacio, Victory Fort Bonifacio pastor 
  • Carson Tan, CCT Life and Business Mentoring Program volunteer mentor 
The discipleship course covered the Biblical basis for discipleship, encouraging examples of how CCT has integrated discipleship into its daily activities, and case studies of organizations that have excelled in discipling. The organizational governance course covered governance principles, practices and policies that guided CCT as it evolved from a single entity to a group of ministries, and issues and challenges that confronted CCT and its response to such.

The Ka-partner Network is a consortium of North American-based Christian microfinance organizations that partner with CCT – currently including, Five Talents, Hope International and PEER Servants.

Other organizations represented in the conference were Christian Empowerment Microfinance (Zambia), Christian Service Society (India), Christian Action for Empowering Church and Community (Uganda), Action for Children (Uganda), Ikussasa Empowerment Trust (South Africa), and Women’s Initiative for Health, Education and Economic Development (Cameroon).

The conference was held on November 10-15, 2014 at the Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center, Cavite, Philippines.
Children cared for at the residential school for girls
in Puypuy, Bay, Laguna welcome TEE participants
with gifts of shell necklaces.

 TEE participants join a friendly football match with young men
 who used to live on the street and who are now cared for
 at the Visions of Hope Christian School in Magdalena, Laguna.
While observing a once-a-week fellowship meeting of 
microfinance recipientsTEE attendees
 learn an action song led by a
covenant community builder, front-liner in
CCT's microfinance program.  

Brothers and sisters in the Lord -- development workers 
from around the world,
microfinance recipients, and CCT staff. 

Joey Bonifacio, CCT corporate member, discusses discipleship
and the Lego Principle.
Delegates from 12 countries learn a bit of Philippine
history with a visit to a monument honoring
patriot and martyr Jose Rizal.

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