Wednesday, June 10, 2015

CCT Founder Awarded for Social Services

The awardees (left to right):Jaymie Pizarro, Dr. Carmen Valdez, Maribel Ongpin, Ruth Callanta,
Chona Gosiaco, Chef Jessie Sincioco, Dr. Jacqueline Dominguez and Raquel Choa,
with officers of Security Bank Corporation and Zonta Club of Makati and Environs. 

Ruth Callanta, founder and president of the Center for Community Transformation (CCT) Group of Ministries, was recently named one of 8 Bravo Empowered Women by Security Bank and Zonta Club Makati and Environs. 

The award was conceptualized to “celebrate and honor women who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to leadership and service, empowering themselves and others toward the country’s economic and social progress.”   

Mrs. Callanta received the award in the social services category. In a short acceptance speech she said,

“I would like to thank Zonta and the Security Bank for recognizing our efforts at sharing the love of God to our street people, to orphans, the fatherless,  fisher folk, factory workers, micro entrepreneurs and communities at large which are very, very poor in the Philippines.  We thank you for recognizing our efforts and affirming that, indeed, it is possible to break generational poverty, to break generational street dwelling if we, with one heart, one mind, one spirit do our very best to reach out, to care and to show love to the Filipino poor.  Indeed it is a recognition that it is possible to change lives and to transform lives from one generation to another."  

“Thank you, too, for challenging us to do a lot more until there will be no more weeping and wailing, that people will live in houses they built, people will enjoy the fruit of their labor, people will have peace, social justice, and prosperity.  Thank you for bringing that to the fore.  May all glory, honor, and praise belong to God and God alone."

Since it was founded in 1992, CCT has assisted micro entrepreneurs, street dwellers, needy children and youth, factory workers, fisher folk, rice farmers, sugarcane plantation workers, and indigenous people. In 2014 it helped more than 389,000 individuals through programs in microfinance, education, skills training, savings mobilization, insurance, health, housing, and boat acquisition.

The other awardees were Maribel Ongpin for arts, culture and heritage,  Chef Jessie Sincioco for culinary arts, Dr. Jacqueline Dominguez for science and technology, Dr. Carmen Lourdes Valdez for education, Ma. Chona Gosiaoco for media, Raquel Choa for business and Jaymie Pizarro for sports.

The awardees received a trophy with a bronze sculpture of the figure 8 designed by Wilson William Baldemor.   

This is the first time the 8 Bravo Empowered Women awards were given out. The awards program will be held every two years from hereon, according to Zonta Club officers. Zonta is a nonsectarian, global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy. 

The awarding ceremony was held on June 9, 2015 at the Jonathan Y. Dy Hall, Security Bank Building, Ayala Avenue, Makati.  

Ruth Callanta: "Thank you for affirming that 
 indeed it is possible to break
generational  poverty,
 to break generational street dwelling."

CCT's Ate Ruth flanked by Bee Bee Chua, Security
Bank first vice president (left) and Rosie Go, Zonta
Club of Makati and Environs president.

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  1. Congratulations, Ate Ruth Callanta. It is my personal pride to have worked with you at CCT in past. I have witnessed your dedication and your undying commitment to the Scripture's teachings on ministering to the poor. I've learned a lot from your exemplary leadership, creative communication, dedication to excellence and unquestionable humility. May the Lord continue to use you as His conduit of grace and compassion for the poor, the helpless and the needy. This earthly recognition may soon fade and forgotten but your heavenly rewards await you for eternity. I salute you, Ate Ruth for a job well done all for God's glory.